E-Skills Training

The project is one of the many projects that forms part of the Centre For Community Technologies at Nelson Mandela University lead by Professor Darelle van Greunen. The project started out in February of 2015. Its vision and mission is to provide the community with the basic know how of using a computer . The Centre for Community Technologies is based at Famhealth MediPark in Gelvandale, a suburb in Port Elizabeth's Northern Areas. This project also provides a hub for people to conduct their business in a safe space.

What skills and resources were you able to draw from the community for this project?

Different Churches in the community, NGO's, Social groups with in the community even some Factories within Port Elizabeth have sent their staff so they could be equipped in Eskills.

The challenges

The main aim is to train people Eskills (Computer Literacy) as computers have become part of daily life and people need to be trained in this day and age the skill of operating a computer. Eskills is a tool one can carry with you wherever you go in today's world, as we see technology is the future. It's awesome to see a smile on peoples faces as they engage with a computer and you as the facilitator also feel good to see that interaction is taking place and that they are practicing their newly learnt skill. The project has seen many people coming through its Eskills program and is grateful to have impacted challenged lives in a positive way.

Addressing the challenges

People learning a skill and also it's something they can take through life's journey. The project also brings a sense of comfort and relief as the Centre is situated in a area known for Gangsterism, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and these negative things that goes apart with it. The Centre have also become Hub of safety and a place where people can also explore the digital world and also do research and job seeking can be done under one roof. People are now self-motivated, they have a sense of worth, they can now look at the world from different perspective as they now too can do things others can do in terms of using technology for which they once had a fear for.

The achievements

In this Project we have and still is accomplishing great things in terms of the following: Networking Self-motivation Learning from different Race groups and how their Religion works Communication Skills have improved and most of all, they can take on this digital world without having to fear, because they have learned the valuable skill of engaging with technology. We at the CCT are forever grateful for being the helping hand.