Mfuzo Boxing Club

We train youth from 10 years to 40 years, from Monday to Friday. Our training times are 17H00 - 19H00. Our members are males and females. We have 48 members aged 10 - 49 years

What skills and resources were you able to draw from the community for this project?

Some of our members (Boxers, coaches, referees & judges) are First Aiders. We are partnering with Rhodes University in some events

The challenges

Our major challenges are our own training space & transport to events. Poverty, equipment, social challenges are some of our challenges

Addressing the challenges

We have produced local, district, provincial and national champions. We have trained coaches, referees and judges. We need continues training not only for the technical officials but life skills for the boxers as well.

The achievements

18 Park Runners every Saturday when there are no boxing activities. Provincial and national champions. Provincial coach & AIBA Star One Coach. Provincially qualified Referee/Judge, nationally qualified referee/judge & AIBA Star One referee/judge. Every year in October we host an anniversary tournament. Boxing clubs from all corners of the Eastern Cape province converge in Grahamstown. This year on 12 October we will host our anniversary tournament and 3 clubs from other provinces will be joining us