South African awereness

This stories motto is to make humans aware about the sated in which our country is in. The lives parents going to work and leaving their children to go to school. The problem is that the parents give too much attention to their work and tend to neglect their children. This story generalize about parents and the interaction with their children. The bottom story is that this leaves a huge gap in the lives of the children.

What skills and resources were you able to draw from the community for this project?

There was not much of from the community but rather the workshop of common good first.

The challenges

The main challenge I address in this story is that parental involvement in their children's live can have a negative/positive impact on how children see the world. The absence of parents in their children's live is reflected in their behavior and attitude towards education. Without proper education the world is going to be lost in the future of the youth. It is of high importance that parents get involved in their children live. if this happens the parents will be able to shape and mold their children minds. If the learners attitudes and mind is changed then we will have a brighter future in Africa.

Addressing the challenges

This project is different in a state that it addresses the core problem rather then only fighting the results of the problem. When taking the youth to prisons and trying to fight the crimes we are only focusing on fighting the results of a problem. In the project we discover that parental care can shape the children's point of view and attitudes. The stories makes us see the importance of parental care as a solution for learners behaviour.

The achievements

The project has not yet accomplished any milestones it still needs the publicity. But it will make awareness and change the African society.